At Nova Countertop we believe in providing great customer service, quality products, expert advice and meticulous work on every job big and small. This belief has kept us in business and steadily growing since 1991. We love to hear from our customers and here are a few examples of feedback we received from satisfied customers.


Dear Mr. Johnson (Bruce)

Having chosen Nova Countertop to handle our Corian project led to great satisfaction. We were very impressed with the degree of professionalism you and everyone displayed in solving and implementing the Corian Work. They were courteous, extremely clean, very attentive to completing the task on time and within budget.

It would appear you hand picked your staff as they work so well together. They were very pleasant to have in our home and we highly recommend your company and the service you provide.

Thank you very much!"

-Dick and Florence Irwin


Although not our customers, this article is a good example of the thought process many people go through when selecting a countertop surface. Things like, durability, budget, warranty, maintenance etc are discussed for many different surface options.

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