Nova countertop opened for business on June 1st , 1991 in 2500 sq feet of warehouse space in the Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth Nova Scotia . We began with post-formed laminate countertops to supply wholesale to cabinet manufacturers as well as to supply the counter replacement market.

As business grew, expanding into fabricating Dupont™ Corian® solid surface products for the Corian dealers of Halifax became possible. Gradually our volume increased to the point where floor space became a bottle neck, making the leasing of more space a requirement.
As this was happening at Nova Countertop, the business in the unit next to us was needing less space for their sales. Over the next few years we took over their entire space giving us 4500 sq ft. This gave us the ability to expand our territory to include all of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, as well as Southern New Brunswick.


In 2002 we were approached by Dupont™ to become their first authorized Corian Quartz® installers for the Atlantic region. The product would be fabricated in Quebec, shipped to us for installation. This was very workable as it did not require a lot of space on our end.

This size of location was adequate for us as sales continued to grow until approximately April of 2005, when we began to get crowded once again. The time was coming to look at moving as it was not possible to lease more space at this location.

In February of 2006 we purchased our own building at #6 Trider Crescent in Burnside that is 7000 sq ft on the ground with a further 1250 sq ft of mezzanine space. Moving in to this building in June of 2006 was a huge undertaking for us, but has been a blessing in regards to growing sales even further. This is a much Better location as far as visibility, more working space, more storage etc.BAY DOORS AND INSTALLATION VEHICLES

In the summer of 2007, we began setting up a section of this shop to begin the fabrication of Dupont™ Corian Quartz® engineered stone product. This entails new equipment as well as a separate shop area as all cutting is done with water cooled blades and router bits. We feel while just doing the installation is good business; it is always preferable to control as many steps of the process as possible. We felt this would improve delivery times as well as allow reduced pricing with tighter control on quality. This product is the premier surfacing in the market today which gives us a great offering when combined with Corian in the middle and laminate at the lower end.

In 2020 we opened a second location in Stellarton NS to offer laminate countertop services outside of the HRM. With 20+ colors in stock it and a full selection of colors from the major brands it allows us to have a much bigger variety and also provide much faster delivery time on orders. This location also offers quoting and design services for our Corian products (solid surface and quartz)

At the present time our focus is to stick with these products and grow sales in each category by offering improved service to residential, commercial projects in both wholesale and retail markets.

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